This website contains lots of information on design for sustainability. You can explore it by clicking on the map which shows this information clustered in six sectors. To get the best out of demi use the map in combination with the keyword weblinks and the free search for Plumber London
demi has been written, unless otherwise stated, by researchers at Goldsmiths College, University of London as part of a UK Government-funded project

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demi is a web-resource bringing together wide ranging information on design for sustainability.

It was developed in response to the growing realisation that design activities have a major (negative) impact on society and the environment. For example, 90% of products' environmental impact is known to be determined in the earliest stages of design.

We believe that designers can make things better as well as worse. And for a much needed sustainability revolution to occur, information and inspiration is required... demi is a good starting point for both of these.

To help you work with demi, we've clustered the information into six sectors:

The way we think about demi is as an information landscape with lots of possible routes to travel. We've developed a map to help you find your way around this landscape. It's a graphical representation of the information in demi at a particular point in your journey, a bit like a signpost. We suggest that you use this map along with the free search, keywords and external links to experience demi's full variety and richness of information.


Classification of Works Undertaken

Application to approved supplier’s list for tendering
Termed contacted works
One Off/Ad-hoc works under purchase order
Emergency response callout system
Building and site survey reports
Initialisation of inspection, quality control audits and reports
Design of cleaning specifications and cleaning regimes
Multi-site contracts: Managing large contracts, broken into areas with mangers supervision and full back-up and reporting to client.
Throughout our many years of trading we have gained experience in working with various types of contracts from - performance related, output/input specifications, TUPE transfers and qualitative contacts.

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2011 - Eco Design of Energy Related Products